Samsung Galaxy S20 & S21 FE tough & slim cases now available!

All of our phone cases are now available to order for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and Samsung S20 FE line up! A lot of our customers own the Samsung S20 or S21, but we've also received enquiries about the Fan Edition models and are pleased to announce you can now purchase any of our designs for these devices!

What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 FE?

FE stands for Fan Edition. The Samsung S21 FE model shares most of the same features found on the normal S21, but at a slightly more budget friendly price.

Both phones share the same AMOLED display and resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. The difference is found in the display size, with the the S21 FE screen measuring in at 6.4 inches compared to the S21's 6.2 inch screen.

Do Samsung Galaxy S21 cases fit the S21 FE?

No. As mentioned above, although both models are very similar in size and form factor and share similar hardware designs, they are not identical. The S21 FE is slightly larger in size, meaning normal S21 cases will not fit the S21 FE.

Are the Samsung S20 and S20 FE different sizes?

Yes, the difference in size mentioned above also applies to the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 FE, with the FE model being larger than the normal S20. This means you need to purchase a phone cover specifically designed for the FE models in order for it to fit. 


All of our designs are now available for the S20 and S21 FE. Click here to see our phone case collection.